At Birdwood House, 44 High Street, near the market square, Totnes

 Drop-in longer classes, open to all, that allow a deeper experience and understanding of the practice. 

17th August ,10.15 am -12.45 pm

7th September,  10.15 am -12.45 pm

5th October, 10.15 am -12.45 pm

23rd November, 10.15 am -12.45 pm

7th December, 10.15 am -12.45 pm

Contribution: £15 per workshop booked and paid at least a week in advance, £18 after that or on the day.

£60 if booking for 5 sessions in advance  

 Book in advance to avoid disappointment. Workshops tend to fill up.

Bring comfortable clothing, your own yoga mat, blanket and any other accessories your body might need.


A Shakti Dance class is woven around a compilation of mantric music of different styles and tempos. A class starts with an opening mantra and builds through floor stretches to standing exercises and into free dance. Flowing asanas (Yoga positions) gently stretch and deeply relax the body before leading into rhythmic, breath-coordinated standing movements and dance steps that induce high-energy states.
The exercises work with the body’s natural geometry and adhere to principles of harmonious movement, such as surrendering to gravity, working with rebound force and leading with the navel. The free dance is followed by a deep relaxation and the class rounds off with a moving meditation accompanied by a mantra.In Shakti Dance you can return to the simple joy of being through dance.

For further details contact me