Meet Sara Avtar, the founder and creator of Shakti Dance.  In this one hour interview she explains in great detail how Shakti Dance emerged and developed to become a new yogic practice. She talks about different aspects in the following “minutes” of the interview:

  • How Shakti Dance emerged as a new yogic discipline. (Minute 0:00:00)
  • How the different aspects of Yoga (posture, breath, concentration,meditation, etc) and Dance come together in Shakti Dance. (Minute 0:11:55)
  • The relationship between Shakti Dance and Kundalini Yoga.
    (Minute 0:22:50)
  • The 8 phases of a Shakti Dance class.(Minute 0:30:00)
  • Different themes for a Shakti Dance class. (Minute 0:48:30)
  • Development of Shakti Dance through the teacher trainings.
    (Minute 0:55:00)
  • The aspect of self-transformation in the Shakti Dance training.
    (Minute 1:01:22)
  • The impact of Shakti Dance in Sara Avtar’s life. (Minute 1:04:50)



Siento mucho no poder ofrecer una traducción en castellano de la entrevista con Sara Avtar que ofrezco en la página en inglés.